3 hidden truths to help you rise to light from the darkness within.

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When the night falls and the day comes to a close, when we are stripped of everything we choose to show to the world, and when we are in the presence of no one but ourselves, the bitter feelings we’d rather not feel, somehow manages to consume us, no matter how fleetingly.

We have all been to that place where we feel like nothing is ever truly enough, and nothing is ever truly capable of being complete.

We have all been where we have zoomed out from the world outside us, to zoom in to the world within us, only…

The subtle power of practice.

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When we think of experiences, we tend to think in terms of entirety of them, the end results.

It is but natural to approach life in absolute terms, because we are wired to see, think, and understand in totality;

We aren’t naturally wired to experience life in nuances.

But all that life offers us, in any given moment, are parts;

Parts that one day might lead to a whole;

But again, we are also given one day at a time.

Ask anyone to define anything, they will answer with what that thing itself is;

Not the parts that make it…

The spotlight’s not on you.

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In many ways, we are a product of the relationships we are a part of, and the more our relationships evolve, so do we.

It is but natural to feel the impact of those relationships, both positive and negative, as circumstances unfold.

We are wired to crave an understanding of things in black and white;

Yet, more often than not, the closest we get to either, is a grey;

And it is those grey areas that have it in them to offer us the clarity we need, if only we choose to look through them.

Other people’s behaviour (through words…

Because NOW is the only time you have.

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So here we are, trying our very best to navigate life on our own terms, while hoping for the best outcome to make its way to us.

We are all just trying to make different versions of lemonades with all the lemons we are being given, every now and then, yeah?

While we all have uniquely varying set of variables to work with, there are certain (somewhat standard) bite sized pieces of wisdom from some cool people out there, that we can choose to act on — to build our work-in-progress lives a tad better.

In the words of Philosopher…

Life offers more than one way.

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We all know what it’s like to wonder about the chances that we missed, and the ways things would have been different if we, in some way had approached things differently.

Sometimes, it is not just us who could have done things differently, but circumstances and other external variables that were not in our favor, for some unexplainable (or explainable) reasons.

We all might have missed our chances once or several times, in one or many different ways, throughout the course of our lives, and that is what makes this experience both, individual and collective.

However, what we label as…

Some knowledge needs to be gained outside of the syllabus.

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All over the world, Schools are known to have been functioning with a set of default course matters, and a set of (more or less) default extra-curriculars.

As the world is changing ever more rapidly, moment by moment, we can’t deny the amount of new information every child is exposed to, nowadays.

From toddlers to teenagers, the possibilities for experiencing pretty much anything, is endless, and all of that is further accentuated by the styles of parenting and teaching that is evolving as time goes on.

In the light of such ways in which the world is continually leaving a…

Spoiler: You need to get out of your own head.

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Our short human lives are guided by the relationships we build, nurture, and grow, over time.

You and I share some kind of a relationship (albeit virtual), right here and right now, as you happen to be reading the words that I put out here for, well, for you to read.

Kinda, yeah?

As sands of time gently fall through our palms, consistently and effortlessly, we all try to hold on to the warmth of people who came into our lives and stayed, or crossed paths with us at some point in some way and went on.

Evolving through years…

Spoiler: It’s the one thing we try to avoid at all costs.

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Every thought we conceive, and every action of ours that follow our thoughts, is aimed at achieving its purpose of being successful.

Throughout our experiences, we may strive to achieve different things in ever more different ways, but we just want to achieve them all.

Context varies, but our motivation to succeed remains constant.

We try to work at our pursuits in ways that can bring to us exactly what we are looking for;

And we give our all (in varying capacities) to avoid one thing at all costs;

And that very thing is failure.

As cliché as many words…

Choices are subtle, yet obvious when chosen.

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While we may often strive to be the best version of ourselves, that ‘best’ may not be the ultimate we can work towards, but it can be the ultimate in that very moment.

Every moment that we live, offers us a choice to be someone better than who we have been so far.

Every moment that we live, also offers us a choice to be someone who we have been so far;

But to take that extra leap, we must question ourselves and our actions in that very moment.

Sometimes, it is not even about choosing between someone we have…

Calm can bring to us what rush keeps us from.

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It is interesting to observe how we are capable of rationalizing in our own minds, going back and forth between one thought and the other.

Think of it as there being two entities:

#1 The ‘You’ who is asking for answers to a question;

#2 The ‘You’ who is offering answers to a question;

The only catch being #2 is actually capable of taking two major forms while attempting to answer.

Mark Manson terms the two forms as the ‘Thinking Brain’ and the ‘Feeling Brain’:

“Let’s pretend your mind is a car. Let’s call it the “Consciousness Car.” Your Consciousness…

Chandrika Bhattacharya

I read to learn, grow, and evolve. I write to share thoughts on transforming into better versions of ourselves.

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