You owe it to yourself.

We’re great at cooking — cooking up What-Ifs in our head — it’s what our mind feeds on — and it is what we enjoy serving our mind in as many ways as we can cook them up in.

As comforting as it feels to build up scenarios in our…

On moving through, and despite it.

We’ve been there and done that — we’ve felt moments when being productive (in any capacity) seems a bit much.

It’s only human to feel a whirlpool of emotions that convince us of our inability to be productive;

But feeling those emotions is not the end of that process;


Would you choose to stop blocking your own way?

We’re not truly alone, even in our solitude — the voices in our head doesn’t ever really leave our company, does it?

The same way that the voices in our head can guide us — it is the same way that they can also turn into noise that has the…

A label is not all there is.

In varying contexts, we have been exposed to the word ‘toxicity’, at some point in our lives — be it through media or content of any kind, and through situations, circumstances, and personal experiences.

While we might understand the meaning that the word tries to convey, the word is thrown…

Resist the urge to push for your version of the truth.

On a journey that is uniquely ours, we all carry our own portions of things and situations that we find hard to wrap our head (and heart) around.

When reality attempts to show us the way things are, we default to paint a picture of how we want things to…

What you give, is also what adds up.

As each day breaks, we all find ourselves rising up to it, doing things that we can label as productive enough to get past until the next day breaks.

The one thing that unites us uniquely different humans is our common need to do things that help us have better…

You aren’t who you used to be, and you aren’t (yet) who you will become.

When you choose to purposefully put an end to a version of yourself that you no longer want to nurture, you also choose to redirect your energy towards nurturing a version that is unknown to you.

When you choose to experience the death of an older self, you simultaneously choose…

Before it can begin in action, it must begin in the mind.

We can stand to learn a lot about ourselves by going through a process of building habits.

Our habits are the bridges connecting how far we have come, and how far we need (and choose) to go.

Sometimes, building habits doesn’t come easy to us, no matter how rewarding the…

Your presence is just what they need.

We all purpose to add value to the different kinds of relationships we grow into, as we go along life.

We all try our very best to add meaning to, and derive meaning from, the relationships we are a part of.

However, in the process of trying to be our…

Move through it, and not away from it.

We all know what it is like to be consumed by our darkness.

We experience the weight of fears that we so delicately build, and the more we nurture them, the more we allow it to continue crushing us with its overpowering weight.

While there could be unique and complex…

Chandrika Bhattacharya

I read to learn, grow, and evolve. I write to share thoughts on transforming into better versions of ourselves.

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