We Need To Be The Most Authentic Version Of Ourselves

Photo by Frank Busch on Unsplash

Being humans, we often keep going back and forth between what we think, what we do, and what we tell (ourselves and others).

There are three things that truly govern the way we ‘choose’ to live;

Our thoughts, our actions, and our words.

We sway between our own thoughts, actions, and words, and we do this so often that this movement never really comes to a pause; even when there might be a need to.

The need to stop that movement might arise, when we realize;

Our thoughts, actions, and words are not in alignment.

And when those three are not in alignment, is also when we are not in alignment with the most authentic version of ourselves.

For who we are, is in what we think, and what we do.

And authenticity exists in the truth that connects all the three.

We are built with an ability to convince ourselves of anything, so long as we are able think.

The problem here, sometimes, is the distortion of reality we create for ourselves.

Our minds adapt to what “we think” to be true, and we keep circling those thoughts till they are deeply embedded within us.

And we are so good at doing this, that often, the thinking itself feels like doing. We let our thoughts drain so much energy from us, that “we think” we are acting already.

While we are at it, we also drain some energy in talking about what we think, out loud. So now, there are two activities draining energy from us; thinking and talking.

And when it comes to devoting some energy to actually doing something, we are already burnt out.

That’s how we let our actions slip away from us, while we are too occupied in trying to get our thoughts and our words together.

And with that, we are on to the next thought (because that’s pretty easy, and we are so used to doing it anyway), and the cycle repeats.

Thinking is not doing, and thoughts are not actions. And words?

Well, words have a way of rising up to our actions, as long as we ‘choose’ to act.

It is within us to transform that cycle in a way that truly serves us. It takes a moment to consciously make ourselves aware, that thinking is not getting us anywhere.

And to get somewhere, we must ‘choose’ to act on what we think.

An Entrepreneur once expressed (not in exact words, but the essence holds),

“You don’t have to worry about practicing what you preach, if you preach what you already practice.”

This is essentially how we can break our own blurry cycle;

All we need to do is transform our thoughts into actions, and keep at it. We don’t need to go about preaching something “we intend” to do;

Rather, we need to do it, and then be able to let our actions speak for themselves.

Words are really just words. They don’t mean much by themselves. They only rise into something meaningful, when they are complemented with our actions.

Think of it like, shadows. Shadows don’t exist by themselves, right? They are only brought into existence by the presence of the sun and its light.

Our words don’t exist by themselves, either;

They are only brought into existence when our thoughts transcend into actions.

To be the truest and most authentic version of ourselves, we need to let our thoughts transform into actions, so that our words can support us in every possible way.

All we need to do, is take care of ourselves while acting out our thoughts, and the words will take care of themselves.

For that’s what makes us who we truly are.



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